Is there a cure for dementia?

New drug trials suggest dementia cure is coming

Biogen (a US based pharmaceutical company) could be on the cusp of a breakthrough, after successful initial trials suggest they soon may have coming the first treatment of its kind for Alzheimer's Diesease.

The drug, which is called "aducanumab", cannot cure it but Biogen says it slows down the rate at which it progresses, allowing people more time to remain capable and make decisions for themselves.

This is in contrast to their March 2019 trials as a set of disappointing results meant that the Company decided to formally stop further investment into the drug.

However after a larger retrospective analysis of the dataset Biogen says it shows that higher doses of aducanumab can provide a significant benefit to patients with early Alzheimer's.

Whilst this is exciting news for people fearful of the effects of dementia, we must point out that this is still very much preliminary data and still not a cure for dementia as some had hoped.

Unfortunately only time will tell whether the Company can fully legitimise it's claims.

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Luke Sargeant - November 14th, 2019