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Care Assessment

For those wanting further information on what a care assessment involves, it is simply a series of questions designed to ensure that our Hotels and the staff there are fully capable of providing the correct personal care required by the potential resident.

The care assessment tries to be as unintrusive as possible, but clearly requires as much information about the potential resident to ensure that they will be provided and cared for correctly whilst they stay with us. Whilst the care assessment is a relaxed and gentle meeting, it does follow a general guideline of questions which is often along the lines of the following:

  • Resident details such as name, address, age etc. Also, next of kin contact details as well as current Doctor and any social workers that are involved.
  • Personal care and physical well-being general questions about whether the person is able to perform a selection of tasks unaided (helping us to evaluate the level of care required), such as:
    • Washing
    • Step into a bath
    • Put shoes on
    • Light housework
    • Dress
    • Go to the toilet
    • Make a cup of tea
  • Communication does the person use spectacles or hearing aids, are they registered blind? Are there any aids required to assist in communication (such as picture boards). Is the person able to hold a conversation (gives an understanding as to what sort of impairment may cause this breakdown in communcation - such as sensory or cognitive impairment).
  • Mobility are there any problems with mobility and if so any mobility aids used?
  • Personal safety and risk assessment is there a history of falls or any concerns about their personal safety when carrying out daily tasks
  • Medical history as detailed as possible insight into the persons medical history, including assistance to manage continence etc.
  • Current medication a list of current medication, including strengths, dosage required and frequency. You'll also be asked if the person is able or willing to self medicate and if there have ever been problems with self medication
  • Mental health are their problems with mental health or cognition (memory)
  • Diet and weight are there any concerns with diet or weight of the person, are their any particular dietary requirements?
  • Food and meal times does the person require assistance with feeding, are their any preferred times for meals and any particular dislikes of food?
  • Religious observance is there assistance required in helping one practise their religious beliefs?
  • Social interests what sort of social and independent activities does the person involve themselves in (if any)?

Once our managers have been able to properly assess a potential resident, they are then able to evaluate the care required and build a necessary care plan for the individual so that upon arrival the new resident will be able to fall into as much of a familiar routine as possible.

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