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Korsakoff Syndrome

Korsakoff syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by a lack of thiamine (or vitamin B₁ as it is otherwise known). Whilst the cause of this deficiency can be due to severe malnutrition, the general and most common cause in the Western world would be that of chronic alcoholism. Hence Korsakoff Syndrome can often be associated as alcoholic dementia.

Korsakoff syndrome manifests primarily effecting the sufferers memory function, they will experience different levels of amenesia as well as creating 'truths' of their own to fill in these blackouts. They'll generally show signs of apathy and a lack of insight with little appetite for conversation.

Here at Scimitar Care Hotels PLC, we hope to care for those suffering from Korsakoff by providing a secure environment for them and creating a specific care plan that ensures they are receiving the required nutriment to help balance and stabalise their condition. With those suffering from Korsakoff syndrome or more specifically alcoholic dementia, it can be found that a reduction in the alcohol consumed along with a healthy diet can indeed lead to improvements in their conditions. Our care is always provided alongside that of external professional doctors and district nurses to try and ensure that our residents receive all the required treatment and care that helps them live with their condition.

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