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Frontotemporal dementia

Frontotemporal dementia is a clinical syndrome caused by the degeneration of the frontal lobe of the brain. It is the second most common early-onset dementia after Alzheimers Disease

Symptoms of the disease can generally be broken down into two groups which underlie the functions of the front part of the brain. The frontal lobe of the brain controls our behaviour and how we plan and organise our daily routines. With the onset of frontotemporal dementia the sufferer will generally show signs of lethargy (i.e. unwillingness to get out of bed, wash or look after themselves) or conversely disinhibition, i.e. where the sufferer can be prone to making explicit outbursts or performing inappropriate acts (such as theft or showing disregard for their actions in front of others). In some cases untoward aggression can also develop and cause problems as it has to be remembered that this is a physical disease that the sufferer has no control of, yet can cause the primary carer to become disillusioned with being able to provide the support that is required from them.

Often the sufferers use of language is affected, not simply in regard to outbursts or swearing, but also with difficulty with naming and word comprehension. Others may find it difficult to speak fluenty and have difficult articulating themselves, whilst some will find that they 'over explain' themselves, using many words to describe a simple task.

As with all types of dementia, there is no known cure, but at Scimitar Care Hotels PLC we know how to provide the necessary care to help those with frontotemporal dementia cope with their problems and provide the atmosphere that will help ease the symptoms. It's important to understand the disease and help to evaluate what causes specific behavioural changes in the person so that they can be avoided, thus lessing the chances of having an episode. We understand the need to work with the person rather than against them, developing coping strategies to help work around the issue rather than trying to change it (and potentially cause further unrest).

We know how difficult it can be to help care for those afflicted with such a disease, but with our expertise and patience we hope to allow all our residents to enjoy our care hotels as much as the next.

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