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Is a care home right for me?

Deciding on whether you or a loved one requires the benefits of a care home is often a very difficult and emotional decision. Some feel that it will take away their independence and, as a carer of a loved one, there can be a feeling of guilt when realising that you are no longer able to provide the level of care for those that you love, maybe due to the increasing demands of a debilitating illness such as Alzheimers, but it is still very difficult to let go. We all like to remember someone as they were and it is hard to accept that they might have changed. But, choosing a care home simply means you are acting in the best interests for yourself or your loved ones.

Often there is also a general misconception that care homes are institutionalised and impersonal with no real warmth or 'homely' feel. Of course, there are many options to you before choosing a care home, be that sheltered housing, home care or downsizing and living with relatives and so forth. Whilst each of these options have their own merits, you have to ask, will your care needs be attended to by professional, trained carers every hour of every day, three hundred and sixty five days a year? Would these options also provide a safe, social environment for you to be part of (should you be so inclined) as well as, to name just a handful of examples - providing daily activities, tailored care plans, freshly cooked meals, cleaning and laundry? If the answer is yes, at what cost would you expect such a level of care?

At Scimitar Care Hotels we pride ourselves not only on the standard of care we provide, but also the superior standard of accomodation that everyone of our residents enjoys at our hotels. You can see from our list of amenities that you simply cannot receive the level of service we offer in any other type of the aforementioned care options. We really do make a difference to our residents lives. To provide the same level of care at home the costs would simply be astronomical and that's why we feel that our Hotels are the perfect balance of care and support, in a beautiful homely environment that one will always feel comfortable in, at a competitive and managable cost.

So now that you've decided that one of our Hotels is right for you, what next? Read our guide to where to start with care and this will put you on the first steps to becoming a resident with us.

Always remember that if you can't find what you're looking for here, you can contact us directly and we'd be more than happy to help guide you.

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