Quality Residential Care for elderly gentlefolk
Serving the community since 1973
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Welcome to Scimitar Care Hotels

Welcome to Scimitar Care Hotels. We have been providing exceptional elderly residential care for over forty years and the aim of our website is to not only highlight the reason to choose one of our luxurious care hotels over a standard residential care home, but also to help you clarify any questions or concerns you may have about elderly care in the UK. We have dedicated pages of care advice for you to peruse at your leisure so that you can make an informed choice of elderly care for you or your loved ones.

We understand that choosing suitable care and accommodation can often be difficult, confusing and sometimes upsetting. Most people's perception of care for the elderly is tainted by the image of an institutional impersonal 'old peoples home' or 'nursing home'.

Scimitar Care Hotels is dedicated to providing a superior lifestyle of comfort, happiness and independence that redefines the perception of residential care for the elderly. Our quality and standard of service really do make a difference to our residents' lives.

As providers of first class Residential Care in Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridge, Middlesex and London we opened our first residential care home for the elderly in 1973. Our aim was to provide a standard of accommodation and level of service to match the expectations of the most discerning resident. Over forty years later our reputation for care and quality is second to none.

We also pride ourselves on being one of the few care service providers in England to offer respite care up to one year in advance, allowing you to plan holidays away whilst being safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are being suitably cared for.

Please take your time to view this site, we hope that the information that you find within it will help you decide on which one of our care hotels will be perfect for your requirements. Remember you can always contact us directly should you require any further information.

You can use the menu bar at the top or bottom of each page (the bar starting "Home", "Our hotels", "Services" etc.) to take you to the various sections of the site, or use the links below to navigate onwards...



Providers of Exceptional Care

Scimitar Care Hotels PLC excels in providing many different facets of care, click the below for more details.

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We provide a great deal of entertainment and support to both our residents and the community that we live in.

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Useful Links

Here you can find many useful links in relation to residential care and the many aspects associated within. Feel free to browse through to ensure you make as informed a choice as possible.